About Us

5 o’clock club is an online magazine about travel and a community where travellers get to share information, ideas, tips and their experiences on traveling and how to enhance the travel experience. If you enjoy travelling then this will definitely be a resource platform you will love because we will cover various topics from local and international travel, destinations, flights, and other insights that will benefit you as a traveler. We don’t just want to provide you with a travel guide, we want to ensure you are a smart traveler, you are inspired to travel more and most of all we want to ensure that you have a better travel experience.

This platform is meant to be your go to resource center while you are planning your travel as well as during your travel and most importantly after your travel where we’ll expect you to share your experience here for the benefit of other travellers.

We look forward to being your perfect travel companion.


Carrie Bevill – Editor-In-Chief, 5 o’clock club