Anti-Theft Backpacks – Protective Gear

what is bobby anti theft backpackAnti-Theft Backpack:

An anti-theft backpack looks like a normal backpack, but it is designed with advanced features. All those features tend to protect your valuables safe from the hands of thieves. Whenever you travel with important things, anti-theft backpack acts like a protective gear.


There are many features available in anti-theft backpacks, but sometimes it may differ with the brands. Some backpacks have RFID protectors and hidden compartments, some backpacks have strong fabric and YKK zipper type, some backpacks have foam protectors and USB charging port etc. Even some brands combine to use all these features in a single backpack which is very useful. So, choosing the backpack according to your need plays a crucial role.

Protective Gear:

With convenience, however, comes risk such as invasion of privacy, card-skimming and identity theft etc. with RFID technology. The information stored on RFID-equipped items can be scanned by other persons from several feet away, without any direct contact with reader. RFID readers activate your RFID chip embedded in your personal item and extract sensitive information from them. This is possible if your personal things don’t have RFID protection. This way of stealing digitally is termed as “RFID Skimming” or “Electronic or Digital pickpocketing”.

The way to avoid such skimming is by using RFID blocking holders in your backpack. Taking this problem into concern, anti-theft backpack with RFID blocking pockets is designed. Thus, an anti-theft backpack acts as a protective gear to safe your identity and personal information.

Sometimes, you travel to college by carrying laptop in your bags. In such situation, there is chance of getting damage to laptop due to harsh movements of transport service. To avoid such damage, an anti theft backpack for laptop & college bag is also available. Here backpacks have special foam protectors to place your laptop over there. Thus, an anti-theft backpack acts as a protective gear to save your laptop.

Some People would have face situation, where thieves cut straps of your backpack in large crowd and disappear in crowd suddenly without any notice. To avoid such situation, anti-theft backpacks designed with strong straps that cannot be cut easily by thieves.

Thus, an anti-theft backpacks act as a protective gear to protect all your valuables and personal information safely from thieves.

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