Malaysia – Truly Asia

Malaysia is a jewel situated in South East region of Asia. It is a place where old traditions and new modern culture are merged together. People of Malaysia immersed modern technologies in old cultures and traditions. The country offers fascinating attractions for potential tourists.

For a truly Asian experience, Malaysia is the right destination which bestows not only culture and tradition, monuments and tourism but also a great night life, mouth-watering delicacies and array of shopping delights. Malaysia has got something special for everyone. Malaysia is also famous for medical tourism and it is top in providing medical tourism among many countries across the world.

malaysia visit could be real fun

In Malaysia, majority of visitors come from neighboring countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. However, the numbers of tourist from western countries are on the rise when compared to tourist of neighboring countries.

Kuala Lumpur is capital of Malaysia and international airport is located here. Malaysia serves as one of the primary transit hubs between the east and the west, with the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) serving as the primary gateway and plying its trade as one of the best international airports in the region. KLIA is connected to over 100 destinations across different parts of world, making Malaysia accessible from anywhere around the world.

Malaysia enjoys a tropical climate all year round, supported by high levels of humidity and vegetation everywhere. This makes country, a perfect summer gateway for tourist all over the world. The country is also free from any natural disasters.

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Tourism has become the largest source of income for Malaysia over the years. The reason could be the Malaysian Government in promoting tourism and making foreigners to prefer Malaysia, the best holiday destination. The Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board was established to take care of tourism promotions and developments.

Malaysia truly is a nation of the most friendly, welcoming, open and honest people you will ever meet who will make genuine friendships and establish long lasting bonds with the astute international citizens.

Thus, Malaysia – Truly Asia is one of the preferred holiday destinations for foreigners.

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