5 essential items you need when travelling

When packing for a travel it’s often a bit of a tough task knowing items that are essential for your travel especially when you are going to a destination that you may not be well familiar with. You may opt not to carry some items because you are confident you will find them at your destination only to get a huge shocker that they aren’t available.

In this article, we’re going to look at 5 essential items you need when travelling.

Good quality earplugs

When going on a long flight, good quality earplugs are definitely a must have especially if you are not one for sleep during flights. These come very much in handy when you need to block off the aircraft noise which is never easy getting used to.

Always carry a hat

When travelling to whichever destination whether you anticipate rain or sunshine, you can never go wrong with a hat. A good hat that has been designed to withstand the elements can not only be a nice fashion accessory but it can also offer some good utility value by offering you cover against excess sunshine or even protect your head from rain.

You need a universal adapter plug

Keeping in mind that different countries have a preference for different socket designs and it’s not standard globally, you need to carry with you a universal adapter plug lest you find yourself unable to charge your electronic devices once you get to your destination.

You need zip-lock plastic bags

You may often need to separate your items for one reason or the other, maybe the leaky ones, the wet from dry, or the clean from unclean. This is where the zip-lock plastic bags come very much in handy during your travel.

You need superglue

Things tend to pick the worst time to get broken and that’s why superglue is a necessity when travelling. Your shoe’s sole may come off, your suitcase may tear, or any other thing may come undone. Superglue becomes very essentially in putting things back together.

The beauty is that these are pretty small items that won’t take much space in your suitcase therefore you really have no excuse for not carrying them with you.

We would love to hear your travel story therefore feel free to share it with us.

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