Here are 4 easy ways to avoid missing your connecting flights

Missing connecting flights is often inevitable for most travellers and it can often be because of their own mistakes or mistakes on the side of the airline. Whichever the case, there are a number of remedies that can minimize the occurrence of missing that very important connecting flight.

In this article, we’ll look at 4 easy ways to avoid missing your connecting flights.

1 Avoid very tight connections

This is the most basic rule when booking flights with a connection or two, you must at all costs avoid very tight connections. If you are doing domestic travel then the connection should be at least 2 hours apart and for international travel it should be at least 3 hours. This gives you ample time for security clearance, navigating through a big and/or new airport, and any other unforeseen delays.

2 If you can, go for the first flight of the day

Statistics indicate that the flights with the least number of delays are the first flights of the day which are often very early morning flights. Therefore, if you want to minimize the probability of missing those very important flight connections, then you better plan for the morning flights.

3 Have the airport map with you

Connections will often take you to airports you may not be familiar with therefore it’s a good idea for you to download a map of the airport so that once you land, you will find it more easier to navigate therefore allowing you to get to the relevant gate in a short time therefore saving precious time.

4 Download the airline app

It’s also a good idea to download the airport app so that you can easily communicate with the airline as well as access flight information. If you anticipate being late, through the app you can easily reschedule the flight. Also, if there are delays or reschedules, you can easily be able to get an update right from the app.

These are pretty easy practices to adopt and if you make them a habit, you can be guaranteed that the next time you miss your connection it will be the airlines fault and not your own.

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