Top 5 reasons travelers miss connecting flights

One of the most common occurrences during travel is the missing of connecting flights by travellers and this is often a devastating experience because it can be very costly in terms of both time and money. Missing a flight often results in a whole chain of events because it may also mean missing a very important meeting or event.

In this article, we are going to look at the top 5 reasons travellers miss connecting flights.

1 Misreading documents

It’s very common for people to misread their travel documents such as the flight receipt or ticket. Travellers will often either misread the date, time, or the gate where they are meant to board their connecting flight.

2 Changes in the flight schedule

Flight schedules will often change for one reason or the other however, changes to the schedule of one flight let’s say your first flight, may not affect the schedule of the connecting flight therefore meaning that you will end up missing your connection.

3 Traffic delays

Some travellers like cutting it too close by not anticipating traffic whereas others anticipate traffic but end up encountering a worse traffic than they had planned for and this will often result in the missing of flights.

4 Problem with travel documents

A number of passengers will often get delayed at the airport security clearance because of issues with their passports such as expired passports, mutilated passports, lack of an entry visa and so on. Such delays at the airport may lead to missing of a connecting flight.

5 Poor timing

Flights will often require passengers to check in between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the destination. However when planning their connecting flights, passengers may forget to factor this in including time for security checks and navigating through the airport. This poor timing may lead to missing your connection.

It’s however important to note that when you anticipate that you are going to miss your flight you need to quickly call the airline and notify them so that they can reschedule your flights and this will not attract any penalties.

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