Why It Is A Must To Learn The Kegel Exercises?

Kegels For Women:

kegel exercise for constipationKegel exercises help women in more possible ways. During pregnancy, the most important exercise that every woman should do is kegel exercise. In order to stay healthy and strong after pregnancy, kegel exercises are best. Women’s pelvic floor muscles become weak soon after giving birth to their children. In such a situation, kegel exercise helps them to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

How Kegel Exercise Helps Women?

Kegel exercise not only helps after pregnancy, but also during pregnancy by avoiding some pregnancy symptoms like urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence etc. When they do kegel exercise, it will help them to strengthen pelvic floor muscles which is holding bladder, uterus, urethra and other adjacent parts. When you do kegel exercise during pregnancy, then it will help to have less labor pain and normal delivery.

How Kegel Exercise Work?

Kegel exercise plays a major role in maintaining a healthy pelvic floor muscles for women. Though, there are many other exercises, but the kegel exercise helps your pelvic floor muscles to get more strength without side effects.

Kegel Exercise Versions:

The Kegel exercise are performed in different variations. But, the common exercise is the squeezing motion that you need to perform towards your pelvic floor muscles. The PC muscle is nothing but, Pubococcygeus muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs.

You can perform the kegel exercises, while you are urinating. You just need to stop your midstream urine flow for about 20 to 30 seconds and then release, this you can do three times a day. Even when you are not urinating, think like you are just urinating by squeezing your PC muscle.

When you are at initial stage of doing kegel exercise, you can just do 25 quick contractions and the same for 3 times a day while sitting or watching TV or lying on bed etc. The result of doing such exercise will be able to strengthen your PC muscle.

Other Benefits:

Some people tend to use kegel exercise balls to tighten their pelvic floor muscles. Because, some people many think like it will take much time to strengthen pelvic floor muscles by doing kegel exercise. In such a situation, they will shift to using kegel exercisers.

But, both kegel exercise and kegel exercisers have same result of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

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