5 travel etiquettes you must practice

As a traveller, it’s always a good idea to have other travellers in mind before you make any decisions on how you behave so that you avoid at all costs being responsible for making the other passengers have an uncomfortable trip. You simply should aspire to treat fellow passengers exactly the way you’d want to be treated.

In this article, we are going to share with you 5 travel etiquettes you must practice.

Allow fellow travellers space in the boarding area

As a good traveller, you must always bear in mind that the seats in the boarding area are meant for passengers and not for luggage. Therefore, never place luggage on the seat when there are other travellers standing. Ensure you give fellow travellers room so that they can also seat comfortably as they wait for their flight.

Always make use of the space under the seat

When on a plane, there are some small luggage such has purses and small bags that are better placed under the seat as opposed to on the overhead bins as a way of creating more room for other passengers to put their carry-on bags. It’s therefore advisable for you to make use of the space under the seat if you happen to have such small hand bags.

Mind the person behind before you recline

Every passenger on the plane is allowed to recline and that’s why seats have been built with that option however, common courtesy dictates that before you recline your seat, ensure that you check with the person behind you to ensure that you don’t inconvenience or even injure them as you recline your seat.

People at the front should get out first

It’s an unspoken rule that people are meant to alight from the plane in order of their seats that is from front to back. Therefore, if you are seated at the back, you need to exercise patience and allow the people in front of the plane to alight. Never push and shove those in front of you as you struggle to alight before your turn comes.

The armrest is for the middle seat

No one enjoys the middle seat on the plane and that’s why there’s an unspoken rule meant to make passengers seated on the middle seats to enjoy some sort of comfort and this includes letting them enjoy the armrest. This is a rule that the passengers on the window seat or on the isle must always be ready to respect.

As travellers, it’s therefore a good idea to be well conversant with these etiquettes so that you can avoid any potential conflicts with fellow passengers and to avoid being the reason why fellow passengers have an unpleasant flight.

We would love to hear your travel story therefore feel free to share it with us.

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